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Memorial Candle

When a loved one dies, it is always emotional, confusing and complicated. Whether you’ve lost someone after a long and fulfilling life, or whether it is sudden and untimely, you find yourself in a very unfamiliar place.

You don’t have to be a regular church-goer to have a church funeral. We are happy to take services at the crematorium or in one of our churches, and we will always be sensitive to your needs. Every funeral is different. Every person is special. We will help you mourn and grieve in your sadness, and celebrate the richness of your loved one’s life.

A funeral can be a very simple event, where all the burdens are taken off your shoulders by the funeral director and the vicar. Or if you wish to have a service which includes readings and music, photograph and flowers, we have plenty of experience and are happy to help.

If you need to speak to someone about arranging a funeral, please call the church office on 07596 224094 or email We will do all we can to help you in what we know is one of life’s most difficult times. 


If someone has just died, you may wish to contact the your funeral director first, and let him or her make all the phone calls for you.

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